Introduction And Application Of New Food Metal Detector

- Aug 01, 2019-

The new food metal detector uses a new detection system, which has been greatly improved both in screen display and operation experience. At the same time, the detection accuracy has also been improved. It has the characteristics of high intelligence and good stability. The machine has a wide range of applications, such as food raw materials, pharmaceuticals, food additives, condiments, poultry products, health products, cakes, textiles, chemical raw materials, chemical fibers, clothing ties, shoes, toys and other industries.


Advantages and Functional Features:

1. Using the same type of foreign manufacturing technology, using the principle of balanced coil structure, the metal detector head is formed by multiple encapsulation, which has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance and strong anti-interference ability.

2. Intelligent dialog operating system, equipped with automatic learning function, automatic analysis of product characteristics, automatic product effect suppression, the system has memory function, can automatically identify the product features that have been memorized, can effectively offset the inherent "product effect" of the product and ensure product adaptability.

3. With advanced hardware scheme, the combination of high-speed digital signal processors such as DSP, FPGA, ARM, high-performance coprocessor and 32-bit high-performance microcontroller, the data processing speed is fast, the control system is precise, the detection accuracy is high, and the performance is strong.

4. LCD color screen, intelligent dialog operation interface, simple and intuitive screen, can quickly set various parameters through keystrokes. More than 100 kinds of products can be saved to meet the application of frequent switching products, so that the tester can detect a variety of products with different product characteristics. It has good adaptability. As long as it is set up once, it can ensure high detection accuracy. Users can switch directly to the designated products without any readjustment in the future.

5. It has multi-user level management function, different users have their own duties, and clear their respective rights and responsibilities.

6. It has the function of recording the test data, and can store the product test data, so that the data can be traceable.

7. Simple mechanical structure design, easy to clean, in line with hygienic standards, at the same time with thick materials, so that food metal detection machine can be firm, durable, strong stability.