Introduction And Application Of Food Metal Detector

- Apr 19, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's demand for food is no longer to stay full, but to pay more attention to the safety and health of food. Food enterprises, supermarkets and vegetable markets have strengthened the detection of foreign metal impurities in food, using various intelligent detection equipment to escort food safety.


Aoteng brand digital intelligent metal detector is a new generation of intelligent metal detector developed by independent digital technology. The equipment adopts balanced principle and combines DSP with microcontroller to realize full digitalization and intellectualization of metal detection technology. It has high intellectualization in operation, excellent performance, simplicity and ease of use, and greatly improves production efficiency. At the same time, the equipment also adopts many new technologies and new methods such as phase adjustment, which effectively solves the common problems such as "product effect". Question.

Scope of application:

The equipment can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile and clothing, toys and other industries and fields. It is the preferred product for HACCP certification in food industry and GMP certification in pharmaceutical industry. It is especially suitable for sauce, sausage, dumpling, ham, soup, sugar products, cured food, fresh meat, frozen food, salted food, fast food and other industries to detect sensitivity. Other industries with high anti-interference ability and waterproof requirements can be used to detect broken needles, wire or lead, copper, aluminium, tin, stainless steel and other metals which are mixed or lost in food, raw materials or products.

2. Performance characteristics:

1. Using the principle of balance, it is more stable and reliable, and its performance is better.

2. The technology of phase adjustment can adjust the product and restrain the product effect effectively.

3. The combination of DSP and microcontroller can sample and process the data of the detection signal, which improves the detection effect.

4. The frequency, phase and amplitude of the direct digital frequency generator can be adjusted by sinusoidal wave, which changes the condition that the parameters of analog circuit are difficult to adjust and cooperate, and can easily adjust the sensitivity and other parameters.

5. Super large LCD panel, Chinese and English operation menus, users can choose according to their needs, with a good man-machine interface;

6. It has the function of self-study with the characteristics of key-type products. It can intelligently and fully learn and memorize the features of products. It does not need manual adjustment of parameters and is easy to operate.

7. It has the memory function of 100 kinds of product parameters. It can store 100 kinds of product testing parameters. It does not need to be adjusted again after one setting. It can be invoked when testing the product.

8. Various conveying systems and eliminating devices can be designed and customized according to the characteristics of the production line, which can effectively dock with the production line and improve production efficiency.