Introduction And Application Of Food Metal Detector

- Mar 03, 2018-

Introduction and application of food metal detector

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As the standard of living continues to improve, the demand for food is no longer full, but more concerned about the safety and health of the food. Food enterprises, supermarkets and vegetable markets have strengthened the detection of impurities in food metal impurities, and used various intelligent detection devices to escort food safety.

Aoteng digital intelligent metal detection machine is a new generation of intelligent testing machine developed by the independent digital technology. The equipment adopts balanced principle, through the combination of DSP and SCM, realized the digital and intelligent metal detecting technology, operation and use of high intelligence, high performance, easy to use, greatly improve the production efficiency; at the same time, it also uses the phase adjustment of new technologies and new methods of many that can solve the problem of "universal product effect" problem.


Scope of application:

This equipment can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, toys and other industries and fields, is the product of choice for the food industry HACCP certification and GMP certification of pharmaceutical industry, especially suitable for sauce, sausage, ham, Boiled dumplings, soup, sugar products, pickled food, meat, frozen food, fast food, salted food and other industries and other industries in the detection sensitivity and anti-interference ability and high water requirements, can be used to detect inclusion or lost in the food, raw materials or products in the needle, iron or lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel and other metal.


Performance characteristics:

1. the principle of balance is adopted, it is more stable and reliable, and the performance is better.

The 2. phase adjustment technology can adjust the product and effectively suppress the product effect.

3.DSP and MCU combine data sampling and data processing to improve the detection effect.

4., the sine wave, which can be adjusted by frequency, phase and amplitude of the direct digital frequency generator, changes the difficulty of adjusting and matching the parameters of the analog circuit, and can easily adjust various parameters such as sensitivity.

5. super large liquid crystal display panel, Chinese and English and other operation menus, users can choose according to needs, have a good human-computer dialogue interface;

6. with one key product features self-learning function, can intelligent and automatic learning and memory of product features, without manual adjustment of parameters, simple operation;

7. has 100 kinds of product parameter memory function, can store 100 kinds of product detection parameters, once set, no need to adjust again, detection product call can be.

8. according to the characteristics of the production line, we can design and order all kinds of conveying system and eliminating device. It can effectively dock with the production line and improve the production efficiency.