Intelligent X-ray Baggage Scanner Security Machine Will Become The Main Stream

- Aug 14, 2019-

In today's society, security inspection is an inevitable process we need to experience in the course of travel. Security inspection helps us to find dangerous goods, effectively eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure the safety of everyone.


But there are many painful points in the traditional security inspection scheme. Firstly, the traditional security inspection machine relies on manual identification, which requires a large number of security inspectors. Security inspectors also need a long time of training. At the same time, security inspectors have a long working time, high intensity of mapping, vulnerability to interference and visual fatigue, and the accuracy of mapping is time and strong. Degree decreases; security inspection passes slowly and queues easily in peak period; security inspection data are stored locally without uniform archiving and analysis, and resources can not be effectively utilized. Without networking and synchronization, once security incidents occur, it is impossible to report and arrange police forces at the first time.

To this end, the National Standardization Management Committee issued a new batch of national standards - GB 15208 series of national standards, the new series of national standards will be formally implemented on December 1, 2019. Compared with the original standard, the new standard has a broader scope of application, covering transmission technology and backscatter technology equipment, baggage goods inspection and human examination equipment. The functional and performance requirements of inspection equipment have also been revised and improved. In recent years, the emergence of AI, intelligent security has become the trend of the times!

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