Intelligent Temperature Measurement Security Check Gate

- Jan 12, 2021-

High-speed railway stations, bus stations, and airports are the largest gathering places with dense flow of people. The epidemic prevention of passengers is the biggest problem for operations during the epidemic. The installation of intelligent temperature measurement gates is the first safe "protection net" for passengers to travel safely.


The principle of most infrared temperature measurement gates on the market: the core sensor of infrared temperature measuring gate is an infrared thermometer. The infrared temperature measuring gate is a sensor that uses the principle of radiation to measure human body temperature. The infrared sensor it uses only absorbs human body radiation. The infrared rays do not emit any rays to the outside world, and the body temperature of the human body is sensed through a non-contact method. The infrared temperature measurement gate uses multiple sets of infrared temperature sensors to screen the temperature of the passing personnel.

This non-contact infrared temperature measurement method can quickly identify individuals with abnormal temperature. After the abnormal temperature is found, the professional medical body temperature can be re-tested, which effectively reduces the detection workload. The intelligent temperature measurement gate products of our factory are durable and cost-effective. Affordable.

The product technology of the intelligent temperature measuring gate: It is made of PVC product synthetic materials and special technology, waterproof and moisture-proof, and has a luxurious and beautiful appearance, which is very suitable for large-scale high-end places. Lightweight and strong anti-interference, stable performance.

The detector has the characteristics of high temperature measurement sensitivity, intuitive images, wide detection range, fast speed, no interference with the measured target, safe use, etc., temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃, alarm temperature: 37.3℃, only the target is detected If the temperature of the human body exceeds the range, the alarm will be triggered, which effectively prevents the cross-infection of the flow of people.

Modular component design: convenient and quick to transport, maintain and install. The built-in self-check program can automatically detect whether each module is operating normally and has a fault prompt when the machine is turned on.

1. Temporary deployment and control: non-fixed personnel scenes such as railway stations, passenger stations, airports, hotels, scenic spots, shopping malls, etc. can use ID + temperature measurement or rapid temperature measurement mode.

2. Reconstruction of the old: multiple expansion interfaces and signal output functions can be reserved for internal fixed personnel scenarios such as enterprises, schools, factories, communities, and can be connected to three-roller gates, wing gates, access control, attendance machines, and equipment that require mutual linkage control