Intellectual Mediation Of Walk Through Security Door In The Conflict Between Doctors And Patients

- Mar 09, 2018-

Intellectual mediation of  walk through metal detector, security door  in the conflict between doctors and patients


The doctor-patient conflicts intensified, security equipment such as walk-through metal detector security doors in the medical establishments to be completed. The installation for a  archway metal detector security gate in front of the hospital, not only can reconcile the doctor-patient relationship development is more serious, at the same time, but also to prevent the hospital raid incident, the hospital had patients more places, but encounter malicious hacking the event, with far restricted physical escape, in the near future, the hospital will be fully upgraded attention to security.


The medical staff of the Wenling First People's Hospital recollect doctor Wang Yunjie in the hospital. The medical dispute in Wenling is not a case, but a national problem. As the society is in the transition period, the mechanism system, the social environment and so on exist in many aspects, all of which have an impact on the intensification of the contradiction between doctors and patients. As a result, communication is not smooth and medical disputes are aggravated.


The problem of "difficult to see a doctor and expensive to see a doctor" has greatly intensified the relationship between the two sides of the doctor and the patient. Because of many factors such as the economic development stage in China, the patients still bear a relatively large economic burden. As an important part of the medical system, the rights and interests of doctors are also urgently needed. The popularization of medical knowledge of the people also needs to be improved. The exploration of medical science is endless, correct understanding of the development of medicine, and not overdue the psychological expectations that medical science can not reach at the present stage.


The Zhejiang provincial health department will issue relevant documents to ensure medical safety and establish the necessary protective measures for medical sites. "Hospital alarm, monitoring, security and security forces to establish, strengthen, especially security, like American hospitals are equipped with basic security equipment, such as security doors, security machines, hand-held metal detectors and other security devices, in order to determine whether the personnel carrying dangerous goods in and out of the hospital, so as to bring security to the medical staff, patients and their families"


The national health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Public Security issued the day before on the strengthening of the construction of the hospital security system guidance, "ask the hospital employed sufficient security guards to ensure safety strength to meet the work needs". The number of security guards should be followed by the principle of "high or no low", according to the standard of not less than 3% of the total number of employed medical staff, or 20 beds, 1 security or 3 per day of daily outpatient volume. The strengthening of security forces, must strengthen the use of security inspection equipment, security inspection machine handheld metal detectors and other public places are imperative.


Reminder: for each hospital design, installation of security doors bearing position should pay attention to when purchasing equipment and security, security doors, security should be by the manufacturers to provide instructions to install professional solutions and products, again the prompt, when purchasing security equipment, the best selection of formal manufacturers, fully qualified enterprises. Not only is the quality guarantee, installation scheme will also be done.