Installation Steps Of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Door

- Feb 07, 2018-

Installation steps of walk through metal detector security door


Security door installation, because of the larger products, when we buy doo frame metal detectors, products are not assembled, it requires customers to install it yourself, believe that this is a lot of difficult places, Suzhou aoteng electronic technology will provide you with the security check gate structure from the inside to the outside and the installation steps for all learning, door frame metal detector installation is divided into eight parts, as follows:


1, lift the left and right doors from the packing box and put them on the foam board. Pay attention to the position of the left and right door panels, the left door infrared plug is 4P line, the right door infrared plug is the 2P line. The following diagram


2. Take the host box out of the packing box, display the panel up, open the chassis, install the screw and fix it.

3, the left door infrared probe 4P line and the right door infrared 2P line are inserted into the host box corresponding sockets of the control digital board (J6) and (J7). The following diagram


4, insert the left door probe line and the right door probe line to the corresponding socket on the main board (J14) and (J15).


5, the left and right door vertical lamp wire are respectively inserted into the corresponding socket on the motherboard (J7) and (J8).


6, then the horn line (the horn is installed on the chassis of the host box) is connected to the socket (J9) of the control digital board and locks the floor.


7, two people lift the metal probe into the vertical position and move to the specified position.

8, insert the power plug into the socket (the power supply shows 86-264V), open key or control the opening / shutdown key of the panel through the remote control, that is, into the standby state.