Installation Process And Precautions Of Access Control Barrier Gate

- Mar 23, 2018-

Installation process and precautions of access control barrier gate


Now there are many kinds of entrance gate, gate with different channel access, such as parking barrier, channel gate, glass door access gate, some attention the following small access road with access control installation gate installed to give you an introduction.


Line preembedding of barrier gate

According to the customer request box set range, to the concrete base (base size scale to advance over more than about 100-150mm than the gate bottom shape size scale) between the chassis fixed position heart point control room or post embedded or cable trench excavation, buried pipe line into the equipment used in 3X1.5 square millimeter power line and 4X0.5 square mm that correct Backfill Concrete line control


Fixed chassis

The chassis fixed position, open the cabinet door loose cap fixed wing nut (cabinet door and placed to prevent scratches hat watch) chassis backplane screw hole heart and marginal mark away of chassis base gate to drill vertical punch mark screw hole (bit size to match with the equipment with swelling bolt depth) to fit the screw length request to swell in situ into the chassis screws and fastening of strong swell.


Brake rod installation

The gate of the chassis fixed brake lever device has strong rod screw and tighten with the range of equipment that the brake rod skew device debugging vertical horizontal fork lever brake lever with rolling brake rod end that horizontal fork lever device with a screw rod fixed range and fork setting (no fork rod case without device)


Peripherals installation

The sluice device is sturdy and debugged, and according to the needs of customers, we must connect the box wiring and related peripherals to control the line according to the control gate wiring diagram of the gate and carry out relevant debugging.


Attention to the installation of entrance guard

The wiring diagram must be operated when the wiring is connected. After the line is tested, it is normal to test whether it feels normal or not. When a red light is shining, it is put on the coil above the coil with a iron plate. When the red light is long and bright, the iron plate is removed, and the gate falls down and the product is normal.

When the grounding coil is routed, it will cut a 10CM deep, 2X0.8M square nest, four corners cut into 45 degrees oblique angles (for example, the right illustration), place the earth coil (1 square millimeter) in a circle, put 6-8 layers together, the coil must be compacted between each layer, there is no joint in the coil. Sense to the gate output end of the coil is twisted, and at intervals as short as possible, connected with dry cement to seal the nest. Note: high temperature copper wire coil sense area square millimeter of the influence line factors of 0.5-1.5, cross-sectional area of the size of induction is not great.


The coil will vibrate at low frequency after the induction coil is around the electricity. When the metal enters the coil, the magnetic field line is affected by the weakening of the magnetic field and is picked up by the magnetoelectric inductor, and the corresponding action occurs. The induction intensity of the induction coil is closely related to the number of turns and the shape of the coil. The number of turns of the coil too much input inductance, open; turns too little input impedance is small, short form. These two conditions make the work indicator of the magnetoelectric sensor flicker quickly. The average number of turns is 6-8 cycles.


When the sluice is debugged, the "up" and "ground" are connected short, and the gate is active, and the gate is normal.

Card reader connection with 8 core shielding wire according to the drawings, don't worry will break the wiring line.

The power supply of the controller is DC 12V voltage, and the reader power of the card reader is 14V voltage. Be careful not to make a mistake.

The ground coil is installed at the bottom of the gate, and the interval of the gate to the card reader is 3-5 meters.