Installation Method And Maintenance Of Door Frame Metal Detector Security Gate

- Feb 06, 2018-

Installation method and maintenance of door frame metal detector security gate


The whole process of the installation of security doors is relatively simple, but there are also some technical personnel need to pay attention to the problem, now, installation and maintenance, security door manufacturer technology makes everyone familiar with the security door after all, many manufacturers do not include the installation of security doors, the installation of detailed information, please contact our technical support department.


In engineering design, for management and maintenance, according to the best layer and the special circuit safety, in order to ensure the safe and reliable power supply, low voltage in substation bus emergency conditions, even when the diesel generator is put into use in case of emergency, to continue to ensure power supply.


In the fire, smoke less, sufficient oxygen, close to the ground under the condition of people evacuation instinct was to bend over or crawl, so the door body local high illuminance on the uniform illumination ratio installation is more effective, therefore, should advocate low installation, namely emergency evacuation power should be close to the ground or ground to provide.


The walk through metal detector inspection gate is sent from the factory, and it must be charged 20 hours before discharging. The gate management should regularly check the performance. Every half month or a month through continuous switch test, check the emergency function, transform the circuit and discharge the battery, and extend the battery life.


The protective layer is not less than in the non combustible structure of 30mm, when used to wear metal pipe, the steel pipe coated with fireproof paint or other fire prevention measures, the use of fire resistant cable wire or cable.