Installation Instructions And Precautions Of All Metal Detector

- Mar 06, 2018-

Installation instructions and precautions of all metal detector

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Before installing the all metal detector, first, push the machine to the place to be installed, and turn the four pads of the machine against the clockwise direction to the ground, so that the instrument level is fixed. Meanwhile, check whether there are any impurities on the machine probe, the conveyor belt and the bottom.


If you have to clean up, this can ensure the normal operation of the machine, so that the above description is the correct installation method, understand the installation way,


Let's look at the points for attention after installation and use.


Precautions of all metal detector

1. the instrument is connected by the National Electric Department standard, three core socket connection, voltage 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz.


2. the maintenance equipment must have the corresponding electrical qualifications.


3. the replacement of the safety pipe must be carried out before the power line is dialed down from the power outlet.


So the above is about the installation of all metal detector and the need to pay attention to!