Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Measuring Gate Company Looks Forward To Working With You

- Jan 15, 2021-

Thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment and temperature measurement security gates are widely used in various anti-epidemic wars to quickly determine the body temperature of people passing by, promptly treat people with fever, and conduct temperature screening on a large scale. So what are the detection methods of this type of thermal imaging temperature measuring door? Suzhou Aoteng Technology explains for you:20201026090935_(1) Static detection The inspected person detects the door and stays still, and the temperature measurement equipment or temperature detection door can detect the temperature of the inspected person. (2) Dynamic detection When the person under inspection walks through the temperature detection door (body temperature detection door) at a constant speed, the product can dynamically display the current body temperature of the passing person in real time. The advantage is fast detection, no need to stay (3) Status report A. If the body temperature of the current examinee is normal, the green indicator light is on. The representative person has been checked, and the current body temperature of the person being checked is dynamically displayed on the display screen. B. If the body temperature of the examinee exceeds the set value (freely set, generally default 37.3℃), the red indicator light will light up, and the buzzer will sound an alarm to remind the examinee of abnormal temperature. Body temperature security inspection door is a safety inspection door that integrates human body temperature detection and metal detection. It uses imported fireproof board as the door material and is waterproof. The door is a door-like structure that can be passed through. Alarm indicators are installed on the pillars on both sides of the door. Aluminum alloy is used as the pillar lights. The position of the alarm is more direct and beautiful. The remote control is easy to operate and there is an electromagnetic field in the door. A device that can generate an alarm when the human body passes through with metal objects. It can accurately detect metal objects or metal-containing objects carried on the human body or in the bag box of the hand, such as various regulated metal products, electronic products and other metal-containing objects. The door is equipped with a high-precision temperature detection probe. The detection angle can be moved up and down, which can measure the surface temperature of the human forehead, and then the actual body temperature of the human body according to the relationship between the temperature of the forehead of the human body and the body temperature. The copyright of the temperature measurement security door has been protected The application of temperature measurement doors and intelligent solutions for body temperature detection is becoming more and more extensive. Intelligent manufacturing, thermal imaging infrared temperature measurement doors, temperature measurement security door solutions and related product technologies, Huazhe technical team in order to protect independent property rights, temperature measurement security door related I applied for copyright on the day when the unit officially resumed work, and it has now been approved by the Copyright Bureau.   Multi-location design has 6,8,12,16,18,24,33 and other location designs (customized). The built-in power supply is not afraid of power failure, or temporarily unplugged for outdoor use. It can be used continuously for 2-8 hours (customized), and it can be used outdoors in waterproof and rainy weather; (customized), operation mode. Panel number key operation; infrared remote control operation; computer remote network operation (customized); luxury super bright 57-inch LCD display. Chinese and English bilingual menu; detection area. According to the basic structure of the human body, the detection door is divided into multiple overlapping detection areas. Using mesh detection method and single excitation technology. Report style, the tone speed can distinguish the size of metal objects, and multiple alarm volume modes are suitable for different choices. The super bright LED report on the left and right of the doorpost can accurately display the prohibited items hidden by the human body at the corresponding height. Face capture can capture the face of people passing through the security gate. The capture rate is over 99%, and it can be checked by security inspection (optional); metal detection can detect metals and effectively verify illegal items; and the networking function can achieve network interoperability, and it can be used with the platform to perform facial data, passenger flow data, alarm data, Convergence applications through data such as personnel and temperature matching. Multi-zone alarm function When multiple metals in different positions of the human body pass through the security gate, it will alarm at the same time. It supports 18 locations; modular component design is convenient and quick to transport and maintain; and applicable fields, temperature measurement security gate is suitable for entry and exit ports, The detection of human body temperature in public places such as stations, docks, hospitals, factories, schools, hotels, and office buildings is an effective tool for screening patients with fever symptoms for infection and spreading. It is also used for safety inspections and anti-theft inspections.