Industry Competitiveness Thought From The Millimeter Wave Security Door

- Mar 08, 2018-

Industry competitiveness thought from the millimeter wave security door


Three dimensional scanning security products are in the leading level of the industry in the same industry on the basis of many technical indexes, such as imaging quality, automatic target detection rate, privacy protection and so on.


It is understood, millimeter wave security is a new way to both security and effectiveness of security system security, with the radiation frequency is less than the mobile phone signal, the human privacy protection and automatic identification of dangerous goods function can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of security, in 1 - 2 seconds of clothing, all the skin material stash "perspective", to any dangerous goods undetected.


Speaking of which, the competition in today's security check gate industry has also reached the level of white hot. If the company needs to live and pursue, it must find the right way to develop itself. Now in the competition to win the market must be, to defeat the perplexity of bad competition, is every security company must do.


And Suzhou aoteng electronic is has been committed to product quality and positioning force, AT metal detecting security door with good quality, stability, strong anti-interference ability, is widely used in the top 500 enterprises. It's a comparative advantage with the competitors. In some ways, the manufacturer of the walk through metal detector security gate should fully play this comparative advantage and defeat the opponent. If the advantage of the security gate manufacturer is just the opponent's disadvantage, that's the best case. Automatic circumvention of the peripheral electromagnetic interference function.