Importance Of Hospital Walk Through Security Gate

- Apr 24, 2019-

Foreign media reported that a lady would always be alarmed when she crossed the walk through  security gate. After checking the lady, she did not carry any metal articles. Later, through the woman's dictation, she learned that there had been an operation recently. After the operation, always felt abdominal pain. Later, they came to the nearest hospital to check that there was a surgical forceps left in her body, which could frighten the lady. They found the hospital theory of the operation before, but not yet. Acknowledging that it was a medical accident, the woman has now prosecuted the hospital. Xiaobian felt that the hospital was too irresponsible. Surgery was such a big thing that such a thing could happen. Fortunately, when she walk through the security gate, the alarm is happened. Otherwise, how dangerous it would be to leave such a thing in the body. Think about it, I would be afraid.


Security inspection is specially used to detect the metal articles that people carry with them. Of course, if there are prohibited metal articles in the body, they can also be checked, such as gold bars in the anus, etc. It is almost New Year's Day. It is the law eye of security inspection to remind those illegal elements not to have the idea of carrying prohibited metal articles.

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