If You Buy A Security Gate, You Can Find A Portable Security Gate. It's Easy And Convenient.

- Jun 11, 2019-

Walk through metal detector security gate is one of the important security inspection equipment. In many important security inspection occasions, there are many metal detector security gates, mainly because of the high sensitivity of the walk through security gate to detect metal substances, to prevent suspects from hiding knives and guns and other dangerous goods. How about a better security door? As a professional manufacturer of safety inspection and explosion disposal equipment, Suzhou Otten Electronics will share with you AT-007 Portable Safety Gate.


1. Adopting the international leading pulse technology, it has the functions of low power consumption, multi-location continuous alarm and good anti-interference.

2. Portable design, foldable, easy to disassemble and transport (as shown above)

3. With intuitive power display and power shortage prompt, it can connect multiple security gates.

4. Modular design parts are plug-and-pull, easy to install and troubleshoot.

5. Using ABS injection moulding, it can be waterproof and has good waterproof effect.