How To Use The Underground Metal Detectors To Hunt For Treasures.

- Mar 26, 2018-

How to use the underground metal detectors to hunt for treasures.


For example, looking for buried objects in an old house. For a long time, all kinds of discarded metal objects, such as nails, copper wires, old locks and iron pots, are buried underground. So, these things will be a big signal, in this case, the metal should first of all the furniture in the house to move out, then balance position and remove those proven metal debris, after careful work, after the metal objects in shallow soil layer are dug up, can search to the depth of the site.


Detection is a meticulous and hard work that requires patience, confidence and perseverance. Any detector can display the crystal clear underground metal object, it is probably only to indicate the metal target position, to accurately find things, but also requires the operator to have a wealth of experience, according to the instrument response is carefully analyzed, in order to make the right judgments.


Debugging and making methods


In addition to the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer, the metal detector circuit does not adjust the part. As long as the welding is unmistakable, the circuit can work properly. When the whole machine is static, that is, when the loudspeaker is not sound, the total current is about 10mA. When the sound of the metal speaker is detected, the current of the whole machine rises to 20mA. A new layer of battery can work for 20~30 hours.


The metal detector before use, need to adjust the length of the probe rod, as long as the black kaewthong loosened, push and pull through the rubber sleeve to fit the length of the inner pipe, and rotary glue, the cable wound tight, and handle tip up, finally vinyl pass tightened lock kaewthong casing. In this way, when the handle of the detector is held, the thumb is right next to the sensitivity to adjust the potentiometer.


Adjust the sensitivity of metal detectors, the detection plate (coil) away from the metal, including aluminum foil paper, then rotate the potentiometer sensitivity fine (FINE TUNING) turn on the power switch, and rotate to half of the position, then adjust coarse potentiometer knob (TUNING), the speaker audio calls to stop, and finally fine-tuning fine-tuning potentiometer so, the loudspeaker sounds just stop, when the highest sensitivity of metal detectors. When a metal detector is used to detect a metal, the loudspeaker makes a sound as long as the probe is close to any metal, away from a certain position to stop the call automatically.


The metal detector has a high sensitivity. When it detects large pieces of metal, it detects the sound of the 20cm loudspeaker from the metal object, and even detects the pin, even a pin. Only the probe coil must be close to the tiny metal objects. Because the electromagnetic induction metal detectors using the oscillating coil to detect metal objects through non metallic objects, such as paper, plastic, wood, masonry, soil, water and even, to detect the covered metal objects, so it is practical, such as in the decoration and housing, use it to detect walls of wires or reinforced, so as to avoid the dangers and security risks of construction; and if the security is to use a metal detector based on this principle..