How To Use Needle Detector Correctly?

- May 07, 2018-

Because the needle detector is a high-accuracy testing instrument, it has relatively strict requirements on the environment and maintenance of the machine. Therefore, after using for a period of time, in order to ensure the normal use, the needle detector should be cleaned every day on the conveyor belt and other contaminated parts.


1. Cleaning apparatus: Look for a clean towel, moisten with water and wring it until it cannot be screwed out.


2. Conveyor belt surface cleaning: Note that the needle detector should be first adjusted to the initial level before the cleaning of the needle detector. If the needle detector has a B/C mode, please adjust the needle detector to the needle detector manufacturer C mode. , so as not to affect the next step of cleaning work. Then straighten the towel and press it on the surface of the conveyor belt properly to open the machine. Make the machine run more than five times (the purpose is to clean the surface of the conveyor belt), then wash the towel and wring it out. Repeat this step again. Conveyor belts, until there are no significant contaminants on the conveyor belt surface;


3, the back of the conveyor belt cleaning: then wash the towels wrung dry, food metal detector from the bottom of the machine will towel through the bottom of the conveyor belt, straighten the towel, and the towel is pumped to the front of the conveyor table, grasp the two towels, open mind Run the machine for several weeks. Because the bottom of the conveyor belt is the dirtiest part, it needs to be wiped several times. After several weeks of operation, the towel should be extracted and washed again and the above steps should be repeated.


4. How to determine the cleaning effect: After the needle cleaning machine conveyor belt passes the above two cleaning steps, it will adjust the agility to level 8 or the highest agility, and the engine will be operated, such as the machine running smoothly and the metal position indicator light of the probe. When it is not bright, put the clothes without any metal impurities at this time, the clothes can pass through the needle detector passage, that is, the conveyor belt is cleaned successfully!



The magnet of the magnet demagnetization needle detector uses the permanent magnet of the needle detector, but after years of use, the magnetic force will gradually decrease. Therefore, before use, the test sample for test detection must be placed at the position of the specified needle detector for inspection.