How To Use Hand-held Metal Detector Correctly?

- Apr 06, 2019-

Hand-held metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. It can detect weapons, ammunition or small pieces of metal objects carried in packages, baggage, letters, fabrics, etc. The special appearance of the sensitive surface makes the operation easy.


Hand-held metal detectors are superior to ring sensor hand detectors. Ultra high sensitivity, special application. Such as prisons, chip factories, archaeological research, hospitals, etc. Hand-held metal detectors are used to check the specific location of metal carried by people, and can also be used with metal detection doors. When the security door alarms to find metal objects, the accurate location of metal objects can be found by hand-held metal detectors. Hand-held metal detector uses rectangular detection head, detection area is 12 cm long, when examining the human body, from the top to the next time to complete the inspection work. Security Gate | Detector | X-ray Machine | Detector | Hand-held Metal Detector


Before using, first open the battery box cover on the back of the instrument and load the battery. This instrument uses 9V stacked batteries. Please note that the nominal voltage on the batteries must be 9V. Other voltages * cannot be substituted. The power consumption of this instrument is very low. Each newly installed battery can work for about 50 hours. When the battery energy drops to 10%, the instrument will no longer work properly, and the speaker will make a intermittent click, indicating that we must replace the new battery. Security Gate | Detector | X-ray Machine | Detector | Hand-held Metal Detector


When in use, security inspectors hold the handle with their hands, press the start button with their thumbs, and then release it. The signal lamp of the instrument starts to flicker, and the horn emits a very slight buzzing sound, indicating that the instrument is in working state. Workers hold the instrument after booting up and scan the surface of the person (or object) back and forth. If there is a metal object, the instrument will emit sound. After the inspection, the shutdown button should be pressed to avoid wasting the battery power. Security Gate | Detector | X-ray Machine | Detector | Hand-held Metal Detector


How to Discriminate the Size of Metals

Physiological studies have shown that human hearing is relatively dull (logarithmic) to the change of volume, but sensitive to the change of tone (linear relationship). According to the above situation, the instrument uses the pitch to determine the size of metal objects. This is different from other similar products. It enables us to more accurately distinguish metal objects of different sizes. Security Gate | Detector | X-ray Machine | Detector | Hand-held Metal Detector


When the probe of the instrument sweeps through the human body (object), if it makes a lower sound, and the sound will gradually disappear after the probe stays above the sound, we can judge that it is a very small metal, such as belt buckle, zipper, etc. If the sound is very sharp, even if the probe stays still, the sound is still continuous, it must be a larger piece of metal, such as weapons, ammunition and so on.