How To Test The Weight Of Single Piece And Whole Box With High Precision On-line Weighing Scale?

- Sep 07, 2019-

High-precision on-line weighing scale is generally used in the production of food, medicine, daily chemical light industry, electronics, beverage lights, which need batch automatic production line. The object of detection is generally divided into two kinds: one is unpackaged products, the other is packaging products. Today we'll talk about how the high-speed dynamic weighing machine detects the weight of individual and whole boxes.


The upper and lower limits of qualified products in the whole box are mainly set when the whole box weighing machine is selected. For example, a weighing machine with a weighing range of 1-10 kg was selected to weigh the whole case of 10 kg beverage and 20 bottles of beverage were packed in it. Assuming the allowable error of 500 g per bottle is 0 ~+5 g, the upper and lower limits of the whole box weight are set to be 10.0 kg to 10.1 kg. When the actual weight of the whole box exceeds the set upper and lower limits, it can be judged that the whole box is more or less packed (20 bottles of total weight, the number of bottles in the whole box is judged). At this time, the rejection device of the weighing scale will automatically mismatch. The whole box of drinks in the lattice is removed from the assembly line. The actual weight of each bottle of beverage is more or less, which is preliminarily determined by the gravity or volume automatic filling machine installed before the weighing machine.

Nowadays, in view of the difficulties in the production line of weight detection, China has gradually developed towards automation, and the automatic weighing machine is a kind of equipment for automatic on-line weighing. I hope this article can help you.

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