How To Solve The Problem Of Face Recognition

- Apr 12, 2018-

How to solve the problem of face recognition access control system


How to solve the problem of face recognition difficult?


First, there is little difference between individuals. All face structures are similar, even the structure and shape of facial organs are very similar. This feature is for beneficial use of face positioning, wing gate system can carry out all-round development through this route;


Second, the shape of the face is very unstable. One can produce a lot of facial expressions by the change of the face, and the visual image of the face is very different at different angles. In addition, the face recognition is also subject to light conditions (such as daytime and night, indoor and outdoor, etc.), and many covers of the face (such as masks, sunglasses, hair. And other factors such as beard, etc.) flap barrier gates can eliminate these difficulties one by one, so as to achieve the desired application results.


How to solve the problem of face recognition difficult. The above is the Suzhou aoteng technical personnel to solve this problem to introduce you to. Generally speaking, if you are more stringent on personnel management, face recognition is very important, and in many cases, face recognition is also an important measure for attendance. Therefore, if you have any need, you can call the hotline: 013656250456, our staff will give you professional answers to your questions. Suzhou aoteng, professional gate machine manufacturers, trustworthy.