How To Self-check When The Automatic Weighing Machine Is Abnormal And Unable To Weigh?

- Aug 09, 2019-

During the operation of the automatic weighing machine, there may be a situation that can not be weighed. If it happens, how should we deal with it? At this time, it is necessary to check the weighing tray (that is, the middle section of the automatic weighing scale), check whether the gasket of the device sensor is installed, and the location of the installation! Following are the steps of self-inspection of automatic weighing machine:


Step 1: Remove the weighing tray;

The second step: unscrew the protective screw of the sensor;

Step 3: Check whether the gasket is installed.

Step 4: Check whether the gasket has corresponding holes on it.

Step 5: After the gasket is installed, the pallet is restored. If the weight is abnormal, the technical parameters need to be reset at the operation interface.

If you can't weigh after setting parameters, you should call the supplier of checking weighing scale and instruct the installation by engineer.

Note: This usually happens when the dynamic weight checker has just entered the factory and is not installed correctly.

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