How To Maintain The Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate?

- Jun 19, 2019-

How to maintain the walk through metal security door?

1. After work in the evening, strive to close the door frame metal detector security gate, because the walk through security gate is an electronic product, long-term electricity at night, first, the aging rate increases, after all, any parts in the power-on state, will slowly aging, time is too long, naturally reduce the performance.

2. Electricity is not safe at night! Although the safety control of the internal chip is enhanced by using the safety tube inside the metal detector security gate to prevent the chip from being damaged due to excessive current, if there is thunder and lightning weather, the high-voltage power still has the possibility of burning the motherboard chip. In this way, it is necessary to replace the chip, which brings unnecessary loss and trouble.

3. Keep the surrounding environment of metal security door dry and less dust. The security inspection equipment uses wood materials as the framework, because wood materials will not cause interference in metal detection, and the weight is light, suitable for use. But this kind of material is not easy to be used in humid environment for a long time. In addition, where there is too much dust, it is easy to enter the interior through the ventilation holes of the main cabinet. It can quickly aging the chips inside the main cabinet and bring about faults.

These are the explanations given by the after-sales installation experts of Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on the installation and maintenance of metal security gates. I hope that the customers who use Otten security gates will be helpful. It is a production-oriented company with strong technical team and after-sales service.