How To Maintain The Automatic Weighing Machine

- Oct 16, 2019-

Automatic weighing machine is a kind of high-tech equipment which can automatically weigh. It can quickly detect whether the product weight is qualified. It is widely used in food, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, hardware and other industries. In order to ensure the normal operation of the weight detector and extend its service life, it is necessary to do a good job in daily maintenance, so how to maintain the weighing machine?


Maintenance of dynamic weight detector:

1. Non professional maintenance personnel, please do not dismantle the weight check scale!

2. When repairing and testing the heavy machine, please be sure to cut off the power supply of the machine and operate it by the specially trained maintenance personnel.

3. Before using the weighing machine every time, the flexibility of the three conveyor belts shall be specially tested to prevent the materials from being stuck, thus scraping or grinding the belt.

4. After using the weighing scale every day, the feeding belt, weighing belt, sorting belt, toggle bar, wind shield and other places that have direct contact with the tested object shall be cleaned.

5. According to the use environment of the weight detector, clean the dust of the equipment once every certain time.

The maintenance of the weight detector is shared here. Although the maintenance of the weight detector is a relatively heavy and meticulous work, as long as you strictly follow the correct methods and timely maintenance to avoid incorrect operation, it will certainly extend the service life of the weight detector.

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