How To Ensure The Healthy Development Of The Metal Detector Industry?

- Jan 04, 2021-

In the economic life of our country, the metal detector industry as a quality prevention and control equipment for other industries has always maintained a strong demand. The metal detector has also developed from the original single working performance to the current intelligent fully digital multi-functional application, which has not only greatly improved The metal detection sensitivity has been improved, and considerable progress has been made in anti-interference. The development needs of the new era have also promoted the development of the metal detector industry in the direction of intelligent multi-function.

Metal detector equipment is mainly used in industry. The main applications are food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, plastic industry, packaging industry and most industries. With the rapid development of China’s economy, users of various industries are Prevention and control requirements are also getting higher and higher, which has promoted the further development of the metal detector industry. The development of intelligent metal detectors has gradually ushered in more market attention and favor. Yingfeng Commodity Inspection Instruments, Tongzhou District, Nantong City As a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of complete metal detection equipment in Jiangsu, the manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of metal detectors, metal detectors, and metal detectors. Our research and development capabilities have been at the forefront of the industry and are currently in mass production. All of the metal detection equipment are equipped with the latest fully digital metal detection technology, high-speed digital signal processing technology, LCD touch screen operation technology, high-speed filtering technology, anti-electromagnetic interference technology, automatic phase adjustment technology and self-balancing technology. Compared with the old The equipment, our equipment can detect metal foreign objects more quickly and can effectively avoid the interference of external electromagnetic signals, so as to serve enterprise users more effectively.


As a model developed in recent years, intelligent metal detectors have been tested by the market for their practical application capabilities. The market share has been rising continuously, and the application prospects are bright. Of course, the development of smart metal detectors has always been advocated by the government. With the further development of smart technology, the performance of the equipment will be further improved, and its commercialization process will be greatly accelerated. With the government’s active policy advocacy and support, the industrialization development plan has also been strengthened accordingly. Manufacturers of metal detectors should take advantage of this wave of favorable policies to improve their scientific research capabilities and strengthen their software and hardware. The research and development efforts include improving the application of intelligent technology for signal processors, the performance extension of equipment, and the optimization and application of the system. In a word, in order to better occupy the market share, the technological content must be in the forefront.

But we must also be soberly aware that despite the bright prospects of the intelligent metal detection industry, the current industry development is still in the early stages of development. We need to make solid development step by step, take every step well, and integrate the application of metal detection technology with the market. In order to achieve better results, we can’t just pursue multi-functional applications. We have to configure multi-model products according to the actual needs of users in the market. We can’t blindly believe in technology. We must truly integrate technology and real market application scenarios. The combination can truly promote the commercialization of the industry, truly ensure the healthy development of the metal detector industry, and become the final winner in the industry competition.