How To Distinguish The Quality Of Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gates?

- Jul 12, 2019-

How to distinguish the quality of walk through metal detector security gates?

As the fourth most commonly used machine and equipment for security inspectors on the spot, as the purchasing unit of machine and equipment and the application unit of X-ray security inspection machine, how to know the quality of security inspection door can start from the following aspects:


1. Material for door frame metal detector equipment in security inspection equipment:

The material used for walk through security gate mainly includes detection part (antenna for receiving and receiving) and door panel and shell part. High-quality metal detection equipment will use high-quality materials for each part, while general equipment will use ordinary materials for making.

As for the antenna part, the metal detection gates will use many sets of copper coils. The amount and material of copper coils determine the basic detection ability of the equipment. High-quality equipment will use more sets of copper coils and use better copper wires. Usually, the higher the weight of the equipment, the more the material used.

As for the materials of door panels and shell, the high-end arch metal detector panels are made of high strength materials, which are not easy to deform and damp. However, most of the low-end safety doors are made of wood bran or high-density wood fiberboard. As we all know, rice bran board and high density wood fibreboard are easy to absorb moisture, and after a few months, they will deform, disperse and disintegrate, especially in coastal areas where the wet season is long. Therefore, products can not be used for a short time after purchasing these safety doors. In addition, some inferior equipment will use foam plastic as the filler of the door, which greatly reduces the structural strength of the equipment.

II. Structure of Security Gate Equipment

The structure of metal detection gate mainly includes transmitting and receiving antenna, power supply and control part. High-end metal detection door uses highly integrated control part combined with simple door body design, easy to install and maintain, power supply part uses general external wide voltage adapter. Generally, metal detection equipment uses control boxes similar to computer chassis, and power control board detection boards are independent structures. When a fault occurs, it needs to be judged and replaced one by one, which increases the difficulty of maintenance, shortens the service life of the equipment, and puts forward higher requirements for users.

III. Quality Control of Security Gate

With regard to the quality control of metal detection door, first of all, equipment manufacturers should have ISO 9001 quality management control system to ensure that their entire production process has strict quality control standards. For example, in the manufacturing process, the electronic control part of high-quality equipment is usually operated by automatic robotic assembly line. All circuit boards shall be glued to prevent dust and shall be electrified for at least 200 hours after manufacture to ensure the reliable operation of all components. However, the general equipment usually adopts manual welding and assembly methods, after assembly, there will be no long-term power-on test. In addition, when leaving the factory, the manufacturer should issue a detailed ex-factory test report, indicating the equipment settings and operating conditions.

IV. Service life of security door

The average trouble-free working time of high-quality metal detection door is not less than 2000 hours, and the design service life is not less than 10 years. In practice, we find that good equipment can be used for more than five years without any failure, while ordinary equipment often fails or even can not be used after 2-3 years.