How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Walk-through Security Gate Supplied By The Inspection Equipment Manufacturer?

- Apr 21, 2018-

How to distinguish the quality of the walk-through security gate supplied by the inspection equipment manufacturer?


There are many security inspection equipment manufacturers, and the security doors on the market are also various; how can we correctly distinguish the arched security gate? Below, the Suzhou aoteng technology of small editor tells you the following common methods and strategies.


1, to see whether the metal detection door seller has a formal office address, if a company's office address and the registration address on his business license are not consistent, that is not to be considered.


2, to see the time of the establishment of the company, for those newly established sales companies do not have to consider, because they do not have the ability to undertake the risk, more unlikely to do the best after-sales service, if it is the kind of web hosting companies not to consider.


3, to see a seller's case customer, if a seller can not provide their username records can also fully explain their lack of strength, if possible, it is possible to allow the seller to provide customer case contracts.


4, to see whether the security equipment provided by the seller has a qualified inspection report or a certification certificate. This is the quality assurance of the product you want to purchase, and it does not include the related after-sales service.


5, and the last and most important point is that if it is possible you need to go to the seller's on-site inspection and test, and if you can't do it, don't forget to let the seller send you their office video and product test video together.