How To Design And Install The Safety Inspection Door In Large Entertainment Places?

- Mar 12, 2018-

How to design and install the safety inspection door in large entertainment places?


In large-scale entertainment, how can we better reasonable install walk through security doors? Many large entertainment venues before buy walkthroug metal detectors, are considering to buy, should be installed in what position and so on many questions, Suzhou aoteng professional entertainment security door manufacturers, we sell not only the arched security door, it is a warm service, before the purchase of our products, we will provide you the most suitable for a arch metal detectors , then design a set of perfect security check door installation scheme tailored for you.


The installation scheme of the security door for large entertainment places mainly adopts the following 4 points.

1, in order to strengthen the management of entertainment places and ensure the healthy development of entertainment establishments, the 122nd executive meeting of the State Council adopted the regulations on entertainment establishments No. 458th, Decree No. 458th of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and went into effect on March 1, 2006. Our company is with the new regulations, the improvement of the security door, the third generation of the gate material (frame is Aluminum Alloy structure, intermediate by ABS and PVC) is different from the traditional security door of wood and glass steel material has higher flame retardant, corrosion resistance and stable performance. It uses dual source detection and infrared Cutting to control electromagnetic. When people carry knives, tri edged knives, spring knives and other national control knives, it can generate alarm, and can accurately detect the state control tools on the body.


2. Installation purposes:

The gate can not carry on the human body, the lighter, mobile phone keys and belt buckle containing metal items, only control tool for large alarm, to ensure that the public places of entertainment programs and prevent illegal activities.

3. Installation of environmental requirements:

The gate at the entrance to suitable for installation in the entertainment, not suitable for outdoor installation, to prevent wind and rain, the best place to install security doors out of the ground about 5cm, and around 1 meters range should not have large metal objects, when working outside the gate to prevent metal unnecessary interference, so as to improve the inspection accuracy security and accuracy.

4. The selection of installation position:

A, the entrance of the entertainment place; B, other designated places.

5. The scope of inspection and actual operation of the application of the product:

To detect weapons and tools and reduce sensitivity, we can exclude mobile phones, expanding machines and keys. According to the needs of customers, we can adjust their sensitivity to achieve the best alarm detection effect.