How To Debug The Food Metal Detector?

- Apr 10, 2019-

Yesterday, I wrote an article about the good food metal detector. Many people asked me how to debug the food metal detector. I remember that I wrote an opinion about the food needle detector before, which may not be very clear, so this article will focus on the food metal detector to introduce how to debug it in detail.


Food metal detector can set various required functions and modes. Generally, it is directly controlled by the control panel. It can set sensitivity, grade, adjust increase and decrease. It can adjust from one to nine grades. When trace metals are detected automatically, the alarm mode is sound control, X-ray control and instrument can alarm at the same time. Metals in the product will automatically return to stop state. State or stop state!

The method order of adjusting food metal detector is as follows:

1. Turn on the machine switch button and see the drum rolling with the crawler indicates that the machine is starting normally!

2. Prepare metal of different sizes for testing

In the form of cards, the metal of 0.1 cm to 20 cm size can be used to pass through the food metal detector, and the sensitivity of the metal of different sizes can be adjusted on the control panel.

3. Let the food that needs to be tested pass the food metal detector, confirm that there is no problem, pass, and then take it back and go through the machine again with the metal that needs to be tested. At this time, when the machine sounds an alarm or returns automatically, it means that the metal can be detected.

So how to adjust and how to test the method is like this, I hope to help you all!