How To Choose X-ray Screening Machine And Walk Through Security Gate?

- Aug 05, 2019-

How to choose X-ray screening machine and walk through security gate? This is a problem that many users need to understand carefully! Because many users are laymen, they seldom come into contact with these products. Then Suzhou Otten Electronics will give a brief explanation here, hoping to be helpful to you all.

First of all, the manufacturers of security inspection equipment are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing, and there are few other places. According to the standard scale of factories, the prices in Beijing and Shanghai are relatively high, while those in Guangdong are relatively low. There are probably several reasons:


1. Different positioning: Beijing and Shanghai are the earliest sources of domestic security equipment production, and several of them are state-owned enterprises. Their technology, quality, production standards and market positioning are relatively high. So the price is certainly not low. Compared with the first two places, Guangdong is a late comer, which is slightly inferior in technology research and development and production standards. However, it has been making progress, and the quality and technology have been greatly improved.

2. Faced with different customers: Beijing and Shanghai's customer positioning is based primarily on airports, stations, rail transit and government units, such as major airports, customs, subway, railway stations and so on. These customers value quality and service above all, not price. And Guangdong is mainly for civil or some small-scale projects, there are also some foreign trade customers, these customers are more sensitive to price.

3. Manufacturing raw materials: Some electronic components needed by factories in Beijing and Shanghai still come from Guangdong, and the supporting aspects are not developed in Guangdong. Guangdong has the advantage of a world-renowned Distribution Center for electronic products, and its import and export are relatively developed and convenient.

Understanding the above points, it depends on the actual needs of each customer. As an end-user, first of all, we need to make clear our own use requirements, not only to pursue high performance, but also not to pursue low prices. To be able to meet the following points:

1. Product performance parameters can meet the requirements of use: for example, in a bus station, penetration and resolution are required to meet the national standards first, and then durability, because the station's working time and testing load are very large, requiring X-ray baggage scanner security check machines, walk through metal detector security gates must have continuous and long-term working capacity; if it is a performance activity, that is. The requirement is relatively low. After all, it is only for short-term use. As long as the resolution can meet the requirement, it is relatively less durable than the station. There are also new products updated very quickly, more intelligent security equipment has emerged, such as X-ray machine can intelligently identify contraband, alarm, networking, identity recognition and so on, security door can also identify and detect specific items, face scanning, person-to-person identification and so on.

2. Transaction and after-sales guarantee: Now the network is developed, many things can be achieved through the network, but must sign contracts, clear responsibilities and obligations, public payments, must be near the place of use of after-sales service security capabilities. Otherwise, in addition to the problem, the sale may be more time-consuming.

3. The choice of manufacturer and brand: No matter where there are excellent brands, there are also relatively poor brands. In the case of meeting the performance of the parameters, the best one is suitable for oneself. You can see more application cases of sellers, and query more relevant information. We can't simply look at advertising.