How To Choose The Right Walk Through Security Gate?

- Jan 21, 2020-

How to choose the right walk through security gate?

walk through security gate, also known as metal detection gate, is a kind of equipment for security inspection, mainly used in airports, stations, public security units, etc. it is also used by many enterprises to prevent secret theft or theft. There are many brands and prices of walk through security gates in the market. It is not easy for terminal customers to choose a walk through security gate with good quality, guaranteed after-sales service and reasonable price. Today, we will share with you the matters that need attention in selecting walk through security gates.

1. First of all, look at the appearance, material and manufacturing process. It looks stable, atmospheric, clean and delicate on the surface of the door body. There is no trace of friction. The door plate is smooth. The front and rear door posts and binding are arranged in a standard way without bumps. All functions of the control panel of the security gate shall be clearly marked.

2. Then look inside the main unit of the security gate to see whether the internal circuit is standard and clean, whether the circuit connector is firm, whether the circuit board and display board are brand-new and high-quality, and whether each connecting part is firm.


3. After the security gate is powered on, check whether the functional settings are normal, such as sensitivity setting, frequency setting, mode setting, date setting and so on.

4. Completely remove the metal objects on the body, such as key chain, mobile phone, belt chain, lighter, etc. Walk through security gate to see if it will give an alarm.

Then take the one yuan coin in your hand or put it in your pocket and walk through the security door to see if it will alarm. If it can't alarm, you need to debug the security door. You need to be able to debug it to be able to detect all aspects without missing or misreporting.

5. Then wrap the metal objects that you need to detect, such as copper wire, electronic components, etc., around your legs, waist or arms to see if they can be detected through the security gate.

In the start-up state, tap the security door body with your hand to see if it will alarm. If not, the security door performance is good. Then there is the price. If the price is acceptable, congratulations on finding a security gate that can meet your requirements.