How To Choose Gold Underground Metal Detector?

- Dec 11, 2019-

How to choose gold underground metal detector?

1. Detection depth

The detection depth is the main basis for its judgment, but if the detection depth does not meet the requirements, then there is no other way to say. The actual detection depth of the hand-held gold underground detector is generally not too deep, generally not more than two meters. But according to the actual demand, it is enough. Most treasures, antiques and metals are not buried too deep. In other words, it's too deep, too low accuracy, and there's no need to dig. Even if it's real digging, it's not necessarily what you want. Because with the deepening of the detection target, the detection accuracy drops like Waterloo. When the detection accuracy is less than 5%, do you think it is necessary to dig again! Many novices are misled by bad merchants, boasting that they can detect 10 meters or 8 meters, which is impossible. It's all a trick of dealers fooling consumers. Never believe it. Avoid financial loss.

2. Use

If it's professional archaeology, it's not hard to buy expensive ones; if it's used to pick up waste and garbage, it's enough to use low-end metal detectors. Proper resource allocation can be enough to buy the most suitable gold detector with the least money.

3. Credit

The purchase of high-end gold underground metal detector is different from a few hundred dollars of cheap goods, which is often tens of thousands. If it doesn't work at all, the loss will be too great. Therefore, to buy high-end gold detectors, we must choose big brands and imported ones. Don't be greedy for cheapness, and you can't choose to buy on-line. It's all deceitful. There's no honesty. One hammer business, one time buying the last pawn, no after-sales guarantee. If something goes wrong, it's waste.

4. Brand

If it is a small brand, domestic, brand, most of the sensitivity is very poor, positioning is not accurate, can not distinguish metal, parameters blind label. No matter whether gold is detected or not, the metal detector is always noisy, just like a waste machine. Do you think such a machine is useful? Buy inferior metal detector, use for a period of time, will become useless tool. It's a waste of energy if you don't spend money. We all know that wasting time is killing people with money.

5. Ground balance effect

Gold is buried under a thick layer, which is bound to be affected by the soil. There are various mineral elements in the soil. Most of them make the gold detector generate "false signal". Sometimes the false signal generated by these minerals will cover up the real signal, thus creating a "false image". Most people who have used the old underground metal detector have this experience. As the detection disk keeps close to the soil, stone, etc., it will send out false alarm with variable frequency. This phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction".

It is the most basic standard to judge whether a metal detector is good or not to eliminate the interference caused by "mineralization reaction". The balance is not good enough to exclude the "mineralization reaction". What's the difference between such a machine and a waste machine. Generally speaking, the domestic, imitated and slightly inferior quality underground metal detectors can not exclude the "mineralization reaction" very well.