How To Choose And Purchase High Quality Walk Through Metal Detector Safety Gate?

- Sep 23, 2019-

In the walk through security inspection door industry, there is a popular saying: "Entry can be explosion-proof, go out can be anti-theft", here is the walk through metal detector safety door, but also illustrates the main purpose of installing the door frame metal detector security door. Aoteng security door manufacturers believe that compared with a set of expensive monitoring system, there is no condition to equip the walk through security door with less money to do a good job. It integrates security inspection, explosion-proof and anti-theft functions. It is these advantages that make metal detection security door become a necessary and important security inspection at the entrance and exit of various public places. Equipment, then how do you need to choose a high-quality security door equipment when you purchase the walk through security door? Now let's follow the AOTENG walk through security door manufacturer to see!


1. See first whether the appearance of the walk through metal detector security gate is strong and durable.

Safety inspection doors will inevitably encounter collisions such as material trucks or other objects when they are used in factories. In this case, if the protection work of the product itself is not in place, it is easy to damage the coil inside the product and make the safety inspection doors fail. Better security doors are filled with rigid foamed plastic inside the packaging, which can fully protect the coil from damage under external impact and prolong the service life.

2. Check the production process of electronic substrates, which are the core components of arched security gates?

The traditional plug-in technology is used to produce circuit boards for security gates. A large chassis located on the upper part of the security gates is used to control the work of the security gates. At present, more advanced equipment has adopted SMD patch production, using this production process can enhance the service life of electronic parts and greatly reduce the use space of electrical parts. The control part of high-quality security inspection department is very small, only the size of a cigarette.

3. Check whether the alarm part of the walk through metal detector security gate is clear and accurate?

Nowadays, security gates basically have the function of displaying alarms in different sections, that is, to display directly the parts of the human body hiding metal objects on the LED lamp bar on the side of the security gates, but few of them can really display the correct parts accurately. Good security doors can be accurately pointed out in any position of the body, and there will be no jump zone and partition alarm.

4. Is the sensitivity of the foot of the walk through metal detector security door up to standard?

Safety gate manufacturers find that many of the lost products in factories are taken out by employees who stuff them into socks or shoes. In this case, the security sensitivity of the sole part of the foot becomes very important, but it is often a blind area for many safety gates to detect. A good security gate can detect the target anywhere in the detection area, whether at the bottom or at the top.

5: Check whether the high-speed through the security gate test can meet the standard?

This means to let the tested object pass through the security gate at a faster speed. In practice, some employees take advantage of more commuters to slip or throw the product across the ground to avoid detection. Good security gate will give an alarm whether it is slipped from the ground or thrown in the air. This is also a heavy choice of security gate. Indicators. Xinyuan Tong security gate manufacturer Xiaobian believes that high-quality security gate not only needs to test the stability of security gate in all aspects, but also needs to verify the safety of electromagnetic radiation of security gate.