How To Choose A Suitable Explosive Detector?

- Nov 12, 2019-

Nowadays, many security equipment can't identify and detect explosives and drugs. For strict security inspection or some government departments with high requirements, we have to introduce professional explosives detector equipment to quickly detect and display the name of unknown objects and print the detection report, so how can we choose a suitable explosives detection device How about it?

1. The explosive detector has passed the inspection of relevant departments and can issue relevant reports

For the explosive detector, I have to choose the equipment that issues the relevant test report, such as the test parameter report issued by the public security department. The production must have the production license issued by the Ministry of public security, the quality and safety test certificate issued by the public security department, and the export must pass the CE certification. Many and have relevant qualifications and certification, the majority of users must understand before purchasing.

2. The explosives detector meets the most basic inspection and detection requirements, and can accurately detect the explosives and drugs to be detected. We'd better prepare relevant samples in advance and use instruments to detect them. If we can't detect some of the most basic explosives and drugs, it's certainly not what we want to buy, and the function is not good.

3. The explosive detector meets the budget requirements

The price must be something we need to consider. According to our budget permission, we are choosing a suitable equipment according to the budget requirements of our leaders or superiors. The price must be something we need to consider,

4. The user experience of explosive detector is good, and the detection is fast and accurate

The design of explosive detector needs to conform to our user experience. When it is used, it will not react for half a day. If it is stuck, it will not work. If it detects an unknown substance, it will be detected for half a day. Such equipment will definitely seriously affect our work of security inspection or detection. In many cases, the detection, security inspection or public security are competing against time, time is life, efficiency and accuracy are In addition, we can choose the portable explosive detector. In many cases, the portable explosive drug detector can be used in more occasions, convenient, heart-saving and labor-saving than the bulky desk!

5. Whether the explosive detector can be used in some special circumstances

If some explosive detectors can be used by border guards or in some severe weather conditions, we must pay attention to the environmental requirements. Not all equipment can be used in severe environment.

6. Quality assurance and after-sales assurance of explosive detector

The so-called wise people always have a mistake. No matter how strict the production and inspection of the products are, they can't guarantee that 100% of them will be OK. When there is a problem with the instrument and the product breaks down, the manufacturer's attentive after-sales guarantee is important. In addition, it needs to be considered to choose a reliable equipment with high quality. We can't just think about the problem of the instrument. We also need to think about the good quality Stable.