How Many Meters Can The Underground Metal Detector Probe?

- Mar 07, 2018-

How many meters can the underground gold metal detector probe?


Underground metal detectors are widely used in archaeological exploration, mining, treasure, so in our daily life, how to choose the underground metal detector, and can detect the depth of underground metal, can detect what matter, I believe many people still do not understand, the following simple introduce the depth of the underground metal detector can detect ?

First of all, the depth of the underground metal finder is not determined by the machine itself. This is a necessary premise, not to be misled by businessmen. If someone tells you so, my home detector can detect ten meters and twenty meters, that must be fooling you.

Secondly, the detectable depth of underground metal detectors is mainly determined by the size of the detected objects, the number of objects, the shape, the size of the surface, and the area of the objects reflected.

Take a coin to compare the same coin, horizontally or vertically, from the positive detection of the detected area is not the same, there was more easily detectable to coin.