How Does X-ray baggage scanner Security Machine Perceive And Understand Radiation?

- Jul 25, 2019-

X-ray shielding lead curtain of X-ray security inspection machine is a kind of high lead content and can be cleaned and decontaminated, durable and Lead-sealed radiation shielding lead curtain. Lead curtain includes inner and sealed inner wrapping layer. The inner layer consists of pure lead filament evenly woven and forged. The wrapping layer is thermoplastic polyurethane composite nylon cloth, which has relatively high lead content. At the same time, it still has good sagging softness, and adopts anti-aging, anti-tearing, waterproof, oil-proof and flame-retardant materials in structure. Complete sealing for lead. For the X-ray security checker used for checking baggage in airport and Metro station, the radiation leakage is the easiest at the entrance and exit of the baggage checker. Especially for the station, the X-ray three-product checker used in airport only has a small gap between each lead curtain and each lead curtain. When opening the radiation, there will be no radiation leakage outside. When the radiation is opened, there will be no harm to the human body unless the head, hand and hand are put in. The above test is that when the machine is working, when there is no baggage passing through the security machine, the security machine is not radiated. Radiation shielded lead curtain is used in the entry and exit of baggage security machine. We can believe that passengers can use the X-ray baggage security device as required, which is completely harmless to the human body!

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