How Does The Walk-through Security Gate Eliminate Small Metal Interference?

- May 16, 2018-

It is possible to pass a security check wherever you go in life. The walk through metal detector is mainly used to detect if a passenger carries a metal object. Such as control tools. However, some small metal items in our lives will also be detected and alarms will be generated. However, such false alarms have caused the security personnel to check whether the person passing through has banned the relevant contraband products, causing many inconveniences to the passengers and also increasing the workload of the staff. Then how can the security door be reduced to false alarm after the security door is installed? How does the arched metal detector eliminate small metal interference?


As we all know, we do not want to detect small pieces of metal objects such as rings, keys, etc., while examining the metal objects carried by people. Instead, we need to detect larger pieces of metal. In this case, we can adjust them according to the following methods:


1. Select a small metal sample, which is the limit of the item we do not want to detect, such as a bunch of keys.


2, increase the sensitivity, let the metal sample through the security door, and issue an alarm.


3, properly adjust the sensitivity down, once again let the sample pass through walk through body scanner if there is still an alarm sound, once again reduce the sensitivity, until the sample passes through just no alarm sound so far.


Remember that if you want to reduce the sensitivity in a certain area, you only need to adjust the corresponding location; if you want to reduce the sensitivity of the entire door, you must adjust the seventh area. (ie, adjustment of the overall sensitivity) After the above adjustment, no metal will be alarmed for a sample smaller than the sample, and a metal article larger than the sample can be detected without error.


When the inspected personnel issued an alarm sound through the security door, indicating that a metal object was hidden on him, the position of the location warning light could roughly determine the position of the metal object on the body. To determine the exact location of a metal object and find it out, you can use a hand-held metal detector to inspect the alarm object. Security doors and hand-held metal detectors are the best partners for metal detectors, which can effectively improve the detection efficiency, improve the detection speed, and greatly reduce false alarms.