How Does The Metal Detector Work Properly In Conjunction With The Production Process?

- Mar 17, 2021-

In order to achieve the best goal of metal prevention and control, we need to consider how the metal detector should be configured in which part of the production process? How to match the production process with the appropriate installation location? This is the work that users need to do before considering the introduction of a metal detection system.


We can take a food manufacturer as an example. Most companies choose to perform metal detection in the last process, that is, the food and packaging are tested before it is shipped to retailers and customers (before entering the circulation market). On the one hand, this is restricted by national industry standards, and on the other hand, the testing needs of customers. Of course, large-scale brand food manufacturers will also give priority to brand image and value. Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal detectors, and metal detector gate. We have contacted many small and medium-sized food manufacturers. These users have to deal with inspections by superior authorities, or In order to pass the ISO9001 quality system certification of the enterprise and to save costs, only one metal detector device will be purchased and placed at the end of the production process, and some businesses will even buy a second-hand metal detector and put it in the workshop. Basically, people do not conduct inspections during inspections. In fact, doing so is irregular and unethical, and it is very likely to cause potential dangers caused by contaminated food entering the market.

In fact, if you consider the cost, the earlier detection of metal contaminants will bring more benefits to the company, that is, the detection of raw materials before production, because only lower-cost raw materials or ingredients are excluded , Instead of packaging finished products that have already been made into pieces, it also effectively protects the production machinery to avoid damage to the equipment. There are many units in the production process, and many production equipment are involved. For companies, it is impossible to configure metal detection systems in all processes. Therefore, new companies can effectively formulate corresponding detections based on the actual management status of their own companies. System and standards, so as to install the metal detector in the best ideal position. For the already formed manufacturer, it is difficult to add a metal detection system to the limited space in the production line, and sometimes there is no way to arrange it. In the final finished process, it is also understandable.

In socialized mass production, if every product manufacturer or supplier can strictly prevent and control metal pollution as required, then for every product manufacturer, the work of metal prevention and control will become easier, because upstream supply The quality of the raw materials can be guaranteed, and as long as you prevent and control the metal foreign objects that may be mixed in the production of your own products, you can ensure that your products are safe to enter the next process. In short, if we can achieve the concept of "I am all and everyone is me", there will no longer be metal foreign bodies in social goods, and of course there will be no harm to people's health due to metal foreign bodies.