How Do Factories Choose Metal Security Gates?

- Oct 14, 2019-

There is a kind of security inspection specially to detect whether people carry the detection device containing metal items, also known as the walk through metal detector security gate. As long as there are metal items passing through the security inspection port, there will be an alarm, because the use of metal detector security gate needs professionalism, but the general users are non-professional personnel, the management of equipment is not perfect, so many consumers in the procurement of security. There are many troubles when checking doors. What should we pay attention to when purchasing walk through metal detector security gates in factories?

First, the purchase of metal security gates is based on previous cases. If you participate in large-scale activities or other large-scale enterprise projects, this shows that the product quality is guaranteed, the company's reputation is guaranteed, so the majority of consumers want to purchase before they need to know about this.

Secondly, whether the anti-seismic performance of door frame metal detector gates is strong, we need to consider whether the detection function of the whole metal detection security gates can continue to be used when a door is disturbed, such as when the door is shaking, if the stability and interference ability of a walk through security gate is found to be strong.


Third, the purchase of metal detector gate should pay attention to the stability of the equipment. When you take a needle containing metal through the security door, the walk through security door will ring, indicating that it is not a problem, very stable, but if you take something containing metal, and the walk through metal detector does not sound an alarm, it can only show that it is not stable, for example, to put metal articles in one area, showing that the alarm is really three. District, if this is the case, then do not buy.

Fourth, detection effectiveness. The walk through security gate has automatic statistics of the number of passers-by and the number of alarms. If the number of people emerged does not match the number of people who have passed through the practice, there will be or result in omission of reports, which means that there are gaps in security inspection. A good security gate should have gone 100 times and detected 100 times.

Fifth, look at the company's services. For example, after-sales service, in-sales service, pre-sales service, etc.

A. Quick response: The equipment breaks down during the warranty period. After receiving the customer's repair notification, Xinyuantong Company will reply in 4 hours, provide solutions in 8 hours, be in place in 24 hours, and provide all-day hotline telephone support.

B. Lifelong Maintenance: Our company provides technical consultation, technical training, product upgrading and other services for users for a long time.

C. Regular inspection: After customers purchase products, the company will arrange technical personnel to visit regularly to ensure the normal use of customer equipment; after maintenance, the maintenance engineer should fill in the maintenance report in time, including the cause of the failure, treatment and user opinions, and the maintenance report will be kept on record by both sides.

D. tailor-made: the company can design and produce independently according to the special circumstances and requirements of users.

E. Technical support: Users encounter any problems in use, call our 24-hour service hotline at any time to ensure that your problems are solved smoothly in time.