How About The Quality Of AOTENG X-ray Security Machine?

- Aug 22, 2019-

How about the quality of AOTENG brand X-ray baggage scanner security machine? This question has to be answered by the actual user to make sense! Aoteng Security Inspection Machine is facing the market with the management concept of "quality first, service first". High-quality circuit chips and accessories, rigorous production process, as far as possible to eliminate human quality problems. Offices or technical service departments have been set up in more than 20 provincial capitals in China. AT security inspection machine has come all the way, constantly summarizing, constantly learning and making progress. There are mistakes and shortcomings, but we have been working hard! After years of development, we have a mature technical system and a large number of customers'support. We have won the "China Smart City Construction Recommended Brand", "Jiangsu Security Industry Association Board Unit", "ISO 9001 System Certification" and so on. Products have been applied to the national army, courts, stations, factories, express logistics, museums, archives, exhibition halls, general airports, schools, examination halls, park scenic spots, customs terminals and so on.


AOTENG security machine will also break down in the use process, but we will use the most efficient way to solve it; AT security machine will also have shortcomings, but we have been striving for progress; AT security machine will often be slandered by some peers, but we will use facts to verify! Being slandered just shows that the influence of AT security machine is increasing!

Thank you for trusting and supporting our leaders, colleagues and friends all the way!