High Quality Disposition And Characteristics Introduction Of Food Metal Detector

- Apr 09, 2018-

High quality disposition and characteristics introduction of food metal detector


The food metal detector is used to detect metal impurities in many fields. When the detector detects the broken needle of the metal, the sound and optical instruments will alarm, and the unqualified products are automatically fed back to the stop state. The food metal detector is equipped with advanced high-performance computer processing chip, using full digital design and original magnetic balance induction design, and the equipment also adopts the humanized work pattern design, which can meet the needs of different customers to the product. The characteristics of the configuration of the food metal detector are also important for the detection effect of the equipment. The following is the equipment configuration of the food metal detector.

Metal detector-project.jpg

Equipment configuration:

1, equipped with automatic management software to achieve intelligent automatic switch on and off function.

2, high brightness LED frequency can not only show the degree of external magnetic interference, but also show the proportion of iron content.

3, the intelligent position display system can accurately display the location of metal objects (broken pins) in the tested objects.

4, the sensitivity of electric frequency display is regulated by feasibility, reflecting the metal index.