High Quality AT Walk Through Metal Detector Security Door Into The Forefront Of Global Security, Who Dare To Fight?

- Mar 14, 2018-

High quality AT walk through metal detector security door into the forefront of global security, who dare to fight?


The arched metal detector security gate, the key word of this product, is too bright. We have been particularly favor the import walk-through security door is in the security industry into the flow of water, but since the domestic well-known brand with vigour and vitality "AT" walk through gate "in 2007 Chinese security market listed, after recent years of research study has been fully mature, in recent years has become a global security Albert, with the Garrett gate fought to solve the global airport, customs, port, port and many other users security scheme and safety measures, consistent user reputation praise.


In fact, no matter the domestic high-end door frame metal detector, or import archway metal detector security door, is just a security equipment in this large category of products. But they can not be ignored, just a week ago, the use of Italy imported brands of imported metal cylindrical type PMD2 to a portable detecting security 30 IPHONE4 mobile phone security clearance officer and arrested him on the spot. A certain automobile manufacturing enterprise in Northeast China can reduce the economic loss of hundreds of yuan for the enterprise through security inspection of security door every year. There are many cases in which the court system uses security equipment to block prohibited items such as control tools, detonator explosives and other prohibited items. A large number of facts have proved that the security inspection door has played an important role in the field of security inspection in today's social and economic development.


The history of airport users to use walk through security doors has been a long history, and is also a very high level of security requirements. But airport security is often affected by the impact of passengers wearing the highest sensitivity of security equipment. But gold jewelry factories are very different, they need to detect gold powder and even more difficult to detect finished products or raw materials. So in more than 30 years ago, the world's first brand of metal security door manufacturing company of Italy CEIA company developed specifically for the precious metal components of the SMD601 type special anti-theft security door. The security doors imported by magnetic detection principle and the combination of the two kinds of chromatographic identification technology can fundamentally solve the U motherboard, flexible circuit, SD card, SMT, alloy bit, chip, camera and mobile phone screen is small or precious metal components of the anti-theft security. It is recognized by the global security inspection people as security guard anti-theft fist products.


The sensitivity of domestic security door is also very high, many years ago, maybe a little backward in technology import security door, but today, our domestic security doors either in manufacturing or technology are not completely backward imported security doors, although the word import security door in a number of users have been taking shape, quality the brand, and the service life are much higher than the domestic security door, now can tell you, domestic security door has been not less than the import security doors, whether imported or domestic security doors security doors and each one has its own merits not conflict.