Hand-held Metal Detectors Provide Security Protection For Riot Prevention

- Mar 09, 2018-

Hand-held metal detectors provide security protection for riot prevention


It is usually designed to detect metal objects carried by a person or object. It can detect the arms, explosives, or small pieces of metal carried in a package, luggage, letter, fabric, etc. carried by a person.


We know that several violent terrorist event news: January 24th, Xinjiang County in February 14th, the case for fear of violence; assaulting cases occurred in Xinjiang County of Wushi; in April 30th, occurred in Urumqi South Railway Train Station pick up the application of explosion case; in May 22nd, the same happened in Urumqi city car collision attacks Dutch act of terrorist bombings.


Despite the frequent terrorist attacks this year, there are at least ten cases of terrorist violence in Xinjiang in the past few years, so Xinjiang has always been the forefront of the counter terrorism front. From the geographical and economic environment, Xinjiang itself has 17 kinds of ports and 8 countries. Is an important channel of the ancient Silk Road, foreign trade activities are frequent, face a real threat of international terrorism situation increasingly complex and international terrorist activities, central government has put forward higher request to the long period of stability in Xinjiang, Xinjiang in the next few years, the urban and rural areas to do video surveillance coverage, to video monitoring as a leader, to prevent air defense, anti technology, a full range of.


One after another violent terrorist cases, reflecting public places the safety of people's life is threatened, is all for questioning and It doesn't help the situation. deplore the responsibility for the accident. So the security upgrade security equipment is particularly important, as Suzhou aoter important class products: AT2000S handheld metal detectors, super scan bar. An ingenious design of a masterpiece. Super bar scanning light structure, high sensitivity, sound and silent vibration alarm provides exceptional performance and operating functions, is not found in other handheld detectors, this super stick using the most advanced technology of scanning circuit, allowing real-time operation, to provide the best settings and adjust any operation. The performance is super strong and super stable. 360 degree super sensitivity detection function. There is no dead angle in the detection area. It is very effective even at the front end of the super scanning rod. It is easy to detect metal objects with needles or even smaller.


1, when the metal is in the working state, the wave detector scans people (or other probes) at a distance of about two inches. If metal is detected. The machine will send out the alarm or silent vibration, and the red is bright. No readjusting is needed after the detection. The scanning range is usually measured from one to two inches from the floor.

2, voice alarm operation, forward and press the power switch, metal detectors, will hear the alarm sound clear. The red alarm will also continue to show the detection of metal.

3, silent vibration, backward sliding power switch detection, to detect metal, metal detectors will handle vibration, and no sound. The red alarm will also continue to indicate the detection of metal.