Hand Held Metal Detector Will Alarm After Detecting Which Metal Objects??

- Mar 07, 2018-

Hand held metal detector will alarm after detecting which metal objects??


Before, we are in for the hand-held metal detector to carry out a series of problems to answer, but found that there are still many problems of the hand-held super scanner, then we will always update the user did not understand and encountered problems in use today, for the hand-held metal detector to meet what matter will ring to answer!


On hand - held metal detectors, their detectable distance is limited and will not exceed ten centimeters, so the general matter does not affect the handheld metal detector.


Can affect the hand-held metal detectors are gold and silver and brass and iron, aluminum, blade, key chains, bracelets items, when these items close to the detector will produce noise, so security personnel themselves do not carry these items for posts


To avoid frequent false alarm of handheld metal detectors, we first need to adjust the sensitivity of the machine. The higher the sensitivity, the more frequent the false alarm is. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to the size and type of the items to be detected, so as to avoid false positives.

So that's the answer to what the metal detector meets, hoping to help the user.