Hand-Held Metal Detector

- Mar 07, 2018-

Hand held metal detector


In life, people see many occasions there would be people with a machine in the body before and after scanning, detection, but many people do not understand what is this, just customary to accept the inspection, and today, we explain, what is the role of holding gold detector in our daily life.


We want to know handheld metal detectors, we must first know it contains those species, each in those industries, in what form alarm!


First of all, the metal detector is divided into two kinds of  hand-held detection scanner and  underground metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors are more common, usually in the station, wharf, airport, venue, prison places such as can be seen, but the underground metal detector used for detecting a treasure hunt, archaeology, etc., although both are sounding metal, but the essence is somewhat the difference, today we focus on a hand-held metal detectors


Hand-held metal detector consists of a circular, U handle, and prevent underground metal, can meet the different demand of different substances detection, detection of the main guns, knives, and carry metal objects can be detected, some handheld metal detection distance requirements, as well as the size of the object is usually required, 10 cm can be detected by the hospital coin size, if it is qualified.


That is to say, in the choice of super scanner metal detectors, we should ask the manufacturer carefully, and active instructions you use and other places, so that we can better do security work is an antidote against the disease.