Haikangweishi Temperature Measurement Metal Detector Security Gate Opened In Capital International Airport

- Mar 23, 2020-

Haikangweishi temperature measurement metal detector security gate opened in Capital International Airport

According to the official wechat news released on March 20, recently, the company's temperature measurement metal detector security gate officially "took the post" at the Capital International Airport. Through the non-contact temperature measurement method of "on the go" to help the airport improve the temperature detection efficiency, reduce the detection work intensity and cross infection risk of the airport staff, and build a "security gate" for the prevention and control of the airport epidemic.


According to Hikvision, this kind of "walk and measure" non-contact temperature measurement has fast detection speed, which can reach 60 people / min in the state of no stay and pass, so as to realize the rapid passage and temperature measurement of personnel in the state of no touch and avoid the formation of personnel congestion. At the same time, the temperature measurement metal detector gate also has the function of counting the number of passengers, which can help airport managers to grasp the real-time passenger flow situation. In terms of temperature measurement accuracy, the accuracy of the temperature measurement metal detector security door can be within ± 0.3 ℃ when the calibration equipment is added.

In addition to the Capital International Airport, Hikvision's thermometric metal detector security gate has been applied in different scenes such as huoshenshan hospital, Beijing South Railway Station, Jilin FAW, Shanghai Fudan University, etc.