Get Ready For The Airport Security Check

- Mar 09, 2018-

Get ready for the airport security check


Prepare for the airport safety check. The purpose of the airport security inspection is to confirm whether it is a lawful entry and exit person. Whether the articles that are carried and checked are involved in dangerous or prohibited articles.

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The airport security inspection can be divided into two pieces of inspectors and inspectors. The examiner mainly inspected whether the person on the passport was on the person, and whether the prohibited items were carried on his body. The main method of inspection is whether the manual confirmation is consistent with the photo. The metal parts and other things on the price can be unloaded in the tray, passing the security check door, and then the staff will use the detector bar to sweep it again.


The inspection of the objects can be divided into the inspection of the carry on goods and the inspection of the items of the consignment.


The baggage security is mainly on the security door when asked to put items in the tray of the examination: most of the airport to take out the bag computer (if any), alone on the security tray, X ray inspection apparatus; remove the liquid sealing bag alone (if any) for inspection. Domestic airport is prohibited to carry liquid items, a small amount of personal use of cosmetics, the container volume shall not exceed 100 ml; carry luggage X X-ray security inspection instrument; if there is suspicion, baggage security personnel will be re X machine or manual check out of the box; a suspicious object, professional disposal.


Other: some foreign airports make use of the CT type /AT portable luggage inspection equipment, which can be more accurate and automatic alarm. The liquid has a special liquid inspection equipment. At present, there are liquid inspection equipment based on microwave technology, Raman spectroscopy and X - ray technology. In the case of high security level, the "rubbing test paper" will be used to detect trace amounts of explosives in the body or carrying the package. Radioactive material can also be used to detect the radioactive material carried by people or luggage.


The x-ray baggage screening machine is mainly in the delivery of checked baggage check-in passenger port operation; Ang Lee inspection machine is divided into front-end security and remote security in two ways, the current large airport by remote security methods, such as the capital airport T3 uses 5 levels of security; if the checked baggage has a problem, you need to contact the passengers before boarding and passengers, the provisions of China unpacking inspection must be carried out in the presence of passengers.


Summary: the technologies used in airport security are mainly X-Ray, metal detection, millimeter wave, trace detection, backscatter, Raman spectroscopy, AT Technology (dual energy multi view), radioactive material monitoring technology, video surveillance, face recognition technology and so on.