Future Development Trend Of Metal Detection Security Gate In China

- Mar 26, 2018-

Future development trend of metal detection security check gate in China


The metal detecting gate after a short period of nearly ten years of development, with the social demand is increasing, since entering the new century, the domestic security market continues to stir up layers of sina security door flower, domestic producers have new technology, new products are born, catch up with foreign security market potential. It is bound to bring a greater impact, the market is at present in a state of anxiety, bringing us opportunities and greater risks and challenges. Everyone wants to stand out in the competition, the key is whether you can fully analyze the current environment and situation, and take the right tactics and tactics.

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The prospect of the domestic market is broad and the future is bright. It is said that the market of walk through security inspection door is far from saturation.


First, at present, the installation of the arched metal detector is not consistent with the demand of consumers. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's awareness of safety and safety is increasing, and their safety and environmental safety requirements are also improving. Naturally door frame metal detector have become one of their needs.


Second, the application field of the security gate is expanding. Let's take an example. One day, our company received a call from a construction site. The factory said that the workers had always smuggled metal materials from outside the site to sell outside, which caused great losses to the manufacturer and needed to buy our products. Before my sales concept, think that only the Public Security Bureau, the procuratorate, camp and other special places and places of entertainment, airport, customs and other public places to use the metal detection security door, did not think of the production-oriented enterprises also have a large demand for the walk-through security scanner door, so that we can see the limitations of our sales thinking, investigation in the future we have found that there is also a large demand for security in the food industry and the school of anti cheating, we will often do some market research, the potential field of understanding of customer needs and product sales.


Third, from the analysis of the objective situation in China, there are still at least 70% more places that need to be installed, but there are no places to install security checks for various reasons. This will be our potential customers.


The scale of enterprises is different, and there are many different ways of development. But the sales strategy is surprisingly consistent. "Selling price war", selling metal detectors can't be like selling daily necessities. Metal detecting door is a durable product, and it is an instrument and equipment. Continue to drive down the cost of sacrificing the quality of products and services as the cost, with a low impact on the market, from the market expected approval, obtained this way, the company will face bankruptcy credit cost, of course, the greatest harm is to disrupt the entire industry, did not give us the late development of new market potential, so a little big, a  reasonable profit space is conducive to the development of enterprises and the commitment to customer service, low price to play the market might put an end. Only by adhering to its own development route and pursuing high quality can the healthy and healthy development of the industry be truly favorable.