Function And Performance Characteristics Of Food Metal Testing Machine

- Oct 07, 2019-

How are you going to use it? What about the performance characteristics? In view of these problems, let's make a concrete anal

Food metal detector is mainly used to detect foreign metal components in products through the detection head on the machine. Its purpose is to ensure its quality and safety. This kind of detection equipment is an effective instrument to control the physical hazards of food, especially in the food industry, its application is becoming more and more common, and the importance of it can be imagined. But not any food can use metal detector to check whether there is metal impurity in its interior, because the metal detector is designed according to the change principle of magnetic field signal induced by the induction of metal in magnetic field. It requires that the product itself can not contain metal components (such as aluminum film packaging materials, metal cans and so on). This situation needs to be checked before packing machine. If the product contains metal, other equipment (such as X-ray foreign body detector) is needed. At present, a new type of food metal detector has begun to replace the traditional model. It carries an intelligent operating system, not only has a good product adaptability, but also has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, good stability, simple operation and intuitive operation. The optional touch screen operation mode greatly facilitates the use of users.


Of course, there are still some places we need to pay attention to, such as food metal detectors need stable areas in the process of working. It is suggested that when detecting food, we should not constantly move the position arbitrarily to avoid damage to the hardware inside the equipment, which will lead to poor stability of the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine (if long-term, it will shorten the service life of the machine). Destiny. Therefore, it is very important to confirm the location before installation. As far as possible, the food metal detector is fixed. Besides, it is forbidden to keep it close to the source of heat and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Secondly, it is suggested that during the purchase process, the corresponding type of metal detection equipment should be selected according to the nature of the product, so that the equipment purchased and the detected substances can not be matched without the effect of detection. For example, the fluid pressure and semi liquid food can be selected by the pump pressure type gold detector. In addition, when using food metal detector for the first time, we should be familiar with the operation process of the machine, and test the stability and actual detection effect of the machine before putting it into use, so as to avoid the damage caused by improper operation of the instrument.

Food metal detection machine as a food safety and screening food whether there are metal impurities, debris and other substances, can quickly and effectively detect and eliminate the metal mixed into the product, but it is recommended that enterprises in the procurement process should choose the corresponding machine according to their own situation. In addition, if the future operation process is not familiar with or do not know how to install, you can call the manufacturer for consultation or door-to-door service (now generally after the purchase of equipment manufacturers will send a special person to install guidance, and provide appropriate training).