Full Height Switch Gate Advantage.

- Mar 02, 2018-

The full height switch gate is suitable for strict control zone, which can effectively prevent climbing and drilling. When the operator passes the switch, the switch that is controlled by the management authority can deny access to the person without permission. If permission is granted, the switch will be released automatically. The speed is about 30-40 per minute.


Full high brake block body (brake) usually consists of three or four metal rod is parallel to the horizontal plane "ya" (also known as the three pole brake) or the "ten" shaped (also known as cross gate turn or cross gate), usually choose hollow closed stainless steel pipe, cement is not easy to deformation, complete block and release through the rotation.


The full height of the transfer gate should be used in the following places: prison, military handling district bank, etc., etc., etc., and make the payment and payment of very strict factory (such as chemical plant, construction site, etc.). The mechanical part of the equipment includes an urgent control device. When the power is off, the base can rotate freely to ensure the channel is free. Match fire request, active lock when energized.


Can be applied to all the built environment, and can handle pedestrians payment channel mouth all manipulation of the doubt, can at any time control gate is a lock or unlock the situation, as many as 20 signal interface, convenient user function.


Full height switch type.

According to the general direction can be divided into: single or two-way full height switch.

The mode can be divided into: electric full height switch, manual full height switch.

According to the style can be divided into: double channel full height gate, single channel full height gate.

According to the general mode, it can be divided into: mechanical electric full-height switch, semi-automatic full-height switch, fully automatic full-height switch.

According to the braking mode, it can be divided into semi-automatic braking full height switch and full automatic braking (this type belongs to the type of high-grade brake machine and foreign mainstream).