Full Height Gate’s ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Function

- Mar 02, 2018-

It is made of SUS304 stainless steel plate stamping forming, the most advanced drive control technology, can be in a wide range of design changes to meet the different style of modern buildings to the requirements of the intelligent access control system. It is especially suitable for safe and reliable protection of external facilities, sports grounds, entertainment facilities and parking lot facilities. Next, we will look at the functions and parameters of the all-high brake machine.


Full height brake function.

The full high gate mechanical system is divided into two parts: structure frame and machine core. As a carrier, the structure frame is equipped with a direction indicating the read-write equipment and the main components of the machine, including the motor, the main board, the frame, the fixed frame, the transmission shaft, the gate, the dustproof and waterproof cover, the guardrail, etc.;


Directions: one-way, two-way (optional); With a variety of job forms to choose from, you can read the card in two directions, or you can read the card in one way direction,another direction prohibited. Or you can read in one direction,another direction pass freely.


Active reset function: after the opening, the system will be locked in the time of the rule, and the time can be adjusted;

Common two-way anti-rotation function.

Power off automatic rotation function to meet fire request.

Light tip: direction indicator.

Control board with counting function, LED digital display function (optional)

Control board with recall function, can meet the collective traffic.

The optical hole position operation principle is selected, and there is no delay request for the input control signal.