Food X-ray Machine Foreign matter detector To Solve The Harm Of Foreign Bodies

- Sep 02, 2019-

In our daily life, we will encounter foreign bodies in food. Manufacturers can effectively reduce the risk of foreign bodies in food by using X-ray foreign matter detector. Foreign bodies can be divided into endogenous and exogenous. Next, we will talk about the harm of foreign bodies.


Exogenous foreign bodies: substances that are not part of the raw materials and accessories of products but are mixed into products, such as metal, glass, hair, weeds, flying insects, chemical pollution, etc.

Endogenous foreign bodies: The raw materials and excipients of the product itself contain, but the substances that the product requires to be removed are called, for example, bones in meat;

Endogenous foreign bodies and exogenous foreign bodies are relative, not absolute.

For food, non-processing requirements or visible substances that should not be included according to product standards can be called foreign bodies.

Hazard of foreign bodies: As long as it is the goods inside the workshop, it is possible to become foreign bodies in the products. These foreign bodies may come from many sources, such as shop signs or tools, facilities and equipment, easy to fall off, easy to lose parts.


There are potential safety hazards, such as appropriate size of metal foreign bodies, broken glass, wood blocks, stones, bones, which may damage the customer's teeth, scratch or stuck the customer's mouth and throat; foreign bodies containing chemicals, or chemicals directly polluting food, may cause discomfort or even poisoning to the human body.

Foreign body control needs combination of hardware and management, mainly prevention, in order to minimize the possibility of mixing - that is, to reduce sources, mainly inspection (manual selection), detection (metal detector, X-ray machine, etc.).

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